Lady Gaga Wears a Latex Outfit to Promote Safe Sex.

Lady Gaga showed up on ‘Good Morning America’ today wearing a light-pink latex outfit. When questioned about the ridiculous getup, Gaga responded with an equally ridiculous answer saying “today was a latex condom inspired outfit because we had to talk about safe sex.” Lady Gaga has partnered with MAC’s Viva Glam campaign which raises money […] Continue Reading →

What Does Lady Gaga Liked to Be Called in Bed?

Lady Gaga doesn’t always like to be called Lady Gaga! In a 60 minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, Lady Gaga states that she prefers to be called Gaga for short and that some of her long-time acquaintances still call her Stefani, her birthname. Another fact? Lady Gaga does NOT like to be called Lady Gaga […] Continue Reading →

Lady Gaga Wears Headgear!

Lady Gaga was spotted leaving the Almay Concert to Celebrate the Rainforest Fund’s 21st Birthday on May 13th wearing what looked like an elaborate piece of diamond-encrusted headgear. Only Gaga could pull such a weird accessory off, in fact I’m not even sure if she does pull it off. I can’t tell with Gaga anymore. The […] Continue Reading →

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