Spencer Pratt & Snooki’s Ex Create A Dating Show.

Snooki from The Jersey Shore made a good decision when she decided to break up with her boyfriend of four months, Emilio Masella.  She suspected that he was only using her for fame and that seems to be exactly the case. The Gold’s Gym trainer spared no time and is already filming a dating show […] Continue Reading →

The Jersey Shore Boys on Chatroulette!

The boys from MTV’s, The Jersey Shore,  just can’t seem to stay off the internet. When gossip blogs stop posting about them, they take things into their own hands and start putting themselves out there…on Chatroulette. This popular video chat service allows users to engage in random conversations with strangers over web cam. Whenever I have […] Continue Reading →

Snookie Updates: Meme and PostSecret Stardom

Snookie Shop features Snookie from MTV’s The Jersey Shore, super-imposed into various, random images. The site’s header states “A New Meme is Born”, Meme being a cultural phenomenon that spreads virally online. Snookie Shop allows users to download a “transparent png file of Snooks” in a pink sweatshirt, uggs and sunglasses. Users can then submit […] Continue Reading →

Goodbye Snooki, Hello Nicole.

Celebgossip darling Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been de-guidofied by Inside Edition for an exclusive photoshoot starring the self-proclaimed Princess of Poughkeepsie after a good old fashioned makeover. All dressed up in secretary-chic outfits with de-pouffed hair and bronzer-free skin, the MTV starlet looks nothing like her shore self. Taking a hint from the Book of […] Continue Reading →

Here’s Snookin’ At You.

Jersey Shore breakout start Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may be moving up to the D-List soon, as Radar Online reports that pictures and video of Snooki “enjoying her pickles” have leaked. Taken by Snickers herself, when these leak the reality star will jump to another level of fame and extend her fifteen minutes. Snooki’s sexual escapades […] Continue Reading →

Jersey Shore Season 2 Is ON!

Looks like Season 2 is officially on for Jersey Shore. MTV announced earlier today that they would be filming a second season of the reality TV show. I guess the cast members finally accepted the $10,000 per episode deal when they realized that MTV was not going to budge on their offer. Season 2 will […] Continue Reading →

Jersey Shore Cast Signed On For Season 2.

For those of you who weren’t satisfied with the amount of fist-pumping, “creeping”, and trips to the gym, tanning salon and laundry mat in the first season of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore”, have no fear, there is talks of a season two for the original cast of this popular reality TV show. ABC news reports […] Continue Reading →

Lindsay Lohan Obsessed With Jersey Shore.

It seems that Lindsay Lohan is just as obsessed with MTV’s reality show, The Jersey Shore, as everyone else. Recent tweets on Lindsay Lohan’s twitter account feature two personal photos of Jersey Shore cast members. The first photo (above) shows Lindsay’s friend posing with Pauly and a second photo shows Mike “The Situation” , which […] Continue Reading →

Jersey Shore Cast Classes It Up.

I never thought this was possible! In Touch managed to take the Jersey Shore cast out of their booty shorts and Ed Hardy tees and into the world of Gossip Girl. The cast posed in a glamourous photo shoot at the Ritz Carleton hotel in New York. Fake tans and hair gel was rinsed away […] Continue Reading →

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