Vienna Gets the Bachelor.

Jake Palveki, 32, gave the final rose and proposed to Vienna Girardi, 23,  on the Bachelor’s finale last night. I usually don’t even watch the Bachelor, but I did watch 3 episodes this season due to my grandma’s love for the show. It still boggles my mind that women sign up for this sh**. Who wants […] Continue Reading →

Hillary Duff’s Fiance is a CATCH!

Hilary Duff recently announced her engagement to the Edmonton Oiler’s Hockey Player, Mike Comrie. I figured he was a good catch when I heard that he had bought her a Mercedes Benz as a birthday present. Then I heard that her engagement ring is worth a whopping one million dollars and that the two were […] Continue Reading →

Hillary Duff is ENGAGED!

Hillary Duff, 22 is now engaged to the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Player, Mike Comrie, 29. Comrie asked Duff to marry him while they were vacationing in Hawaii last weekend. The two have been dating for two years and seem to have a very stable and loving relationship. I say this because I see lots of hand-holding […] Continue Reading →

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