Who Is Running For President in 2020?

Donald Trump hasn’t even completed his first year in office, but presidential hopefuls from all parties are already lining up in public, in private, or in our dreams to run against him and take office in 2020. While very few political players have publicly spoken up about intentions to run, the signs that someone is […] Continue Reading →

15 Bad Fashion Habits to Break

This is it: We’re vowing to drop all of our bad fashion habits and adopt new ones. “Easier said than done,” you’re probably thinking — and we have to agree. Habits by definition are hard to break, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying. Whether your goal is to invest in “quality over quantity” pieces […] Continue Reading →

Cadbury Chocolate-Covered Oreos Now Exist (For Some People)

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Oreo fans, we hope you’ve been saving up those airline miles because a trip is in order. An Instagram post from Food Finds Geelong has revealed that Cadbury Coated Oreos now exist—but only in Australia. The snack-spotting social account rated them a 10/10. The new treats, which retail for $3.80 Australian Dollars for a pack […] Continue Reading →

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