Tone Your Entire Body (Mostly Your Booty!) With This Running and Strength Workout

Celebrate the temperature drop, the light breeze, and the gorgeous scenery with this outdoor hill run. It works best if you can find a big hill that takes about one minute to run up, but if you don’t have a hill, just sprint for the minute instead. That means you can do this workout inside on a treadmill if it’s rainy. Just be prepared to get on and off the machine every minute.


Directions: Run uphill or sprint, then do the bodyweight move listed below. Run downhill or sprint, then do the bodyweight exercise listed below. Keep going until you’ve run up and down the hill three times. Repeat this entire workout three times, running up and down the hill a total of nine times. The entire workout should take about 30 minutes.

The Workout

Then Do This Strength-Training Move

10 T push-ups

20 alternating reverse lunges (10 per side)

10 triceps dips

20 sumo squats

10 donkey kicks

20 alternating side lunges (10 per side)

Descriptions for each move are detailed ahead. You can make this workout harder by running faster or increasing the incline. If it’s too difficult, walk up part of the hill for one minute instead of running to the top.




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