20+ Updo Tutorials You Might Just Be Able to Master Before the Holidays

Stylists on Instagram have become masters at creating impossible braided updos, twisted chignons, and the kind of detailed updos no mere mortal could ever copy. But, sometimes, they share their tricks in videos, and suddenly the secrets of their success are available to us.

It’s amazing what a difference the right products and tools make. From twisted looks that are secured in dozens of mini-ponytails, to a textured, messy bun that completely transforms fine hair, we’ve scoured Instagram for the updo tutorials you need to watch ahead of party season. Yes, some of these are still pretty complicated and may require the assistance of a friend (or two), but there are also simple plaited buns, twists, and voluminous looks that are easily achieved solo with the right tools (and maybe some hair extensions). Read on for some of Instagram’s finest party hair ideas, then get ready to dance your way into 2018.

Via: https://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Best-Updo-Tutorials-Instagram-44242108


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