This Husband’s Hysterical Account of Shopping at Ikea With His Wife Is Every Couple

Ikea can make or break a relationship. How a couple navigates the never-ending aisles, furniture decisions, and assembling instructions at home can have a lasting impact. And yet, it can be almost impossible for couples not to get sucked in at least once.

When Nathanael Showalter found himself being dragged to the massive store, he didn’t suck it up for the meatballs or spend the afternoon complaining about the spotty cellphone reception. Instead, he decided to document what shopping with his wife — when they didn’t actually need anything — was really like.


His hysterical play-by-play of the outing is going viral because everyone who has ever been tortured by their partner and an insanely long trip to Ikea can relate to it. He starts off by making the purpose of their recent visit clear: “We are here. Our apartment is furnished. I am not sure why we are returning,” he shared on Imgur.

He continues to share in perfect detail exactly what a day of browsing at Ikea is like according to a husband who doesn’t particularly want to be there. “Perhaps we are here for institutional storage solutions. My wife says, ‘Maybe when we have eight kids.’ We have zero kids. We move on,” he captioned a photo of a storage unit. “She has commented on how sturdy these spoons are. Our other measuring spoons do not strike me as structurally unsound.”


Although they ended their day by walking out on a much stronger note than many couples who fall victim to the showroom bickering and box-hauling stress, every person who has ever stepped into Ikea will crack up over the rest of this guy’s spot-on commentary.



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