Sharon and Ozzy Split Up and Living Apart

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

I’m not usually that shocked when I hear that a celeb couple has broke up but this one made my mouth drop! It’s being reported that the Prince of Darkness and his Queen, Sharon, have split up, are living in separate home and could be visiting your friendly neighborhood divorce lawyer any day now.

According to reports, there are no definite plans for that meeting for either Osbourne yet.

For the time being, Sharon is cooped up in the Beverley Hills Hotel and Ozzy is at some other house he has rented.

The rock legend and his lady have been married for over three decades (31 years to be exact), have three children and one grandchild.

The Sun first reported that the two were seen ring-less around town and that they were barely acting like they were married. Now, The Sun reports the reason for the separation is because Sharon is obsessed with the lifestyle associated with being in showbiz and all Ozzy wants to do is enjoy his peace and quiet. They also report that Ozzy’s dissatisfaction with the couple’s married life in the public eye has been festering since their TV show and he just wants her to leave him out of the spotlight.

Jack thinks the rumors are all bullshit. Jack is secretly crying at night over the split of his mommy and daddy.



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