Rihanna Joins Long List of Celebs Caught By Border Patrol For Pot


Rihanna, her entourage and tour bus are joining a rather prestigious, stupid club of celebrities like Nelly, Fiona Apple, Snoop Lion/Dogg, and Willie Nelson who have all be stopped by border patrol and caught with drugs on board their tour buses.

Unlike her other group members, Rihanna was not stopped in Texas, but rather at the border crossing between Michigan and Canada.

Rihanna and her 10 buses were trying to cross at the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit and Windsor, Canada when one of the inspectors said he smelled pot on the one of the buses, which prompted him to search them all. Whoever was dumb enough to smoke close enough to the border crossing, without the windows open is probably fired now.

Of course the drug-sniffing dogs are let loose and the dogs ran right to the one ass hole who was carrying pot. The inspectors cited the passenger and all of the buses went on their way. Luckily for Rihanna, she was not on board any of the buses at the time (I wouldn’t think that Rihanna travels by bus between shows) and the amount found was so trivial in comparison to Nelly (10 pounds), Willie (6 ounces), Snoop Dogg/Lion (1/2 ounce), Fiona Apple (1/10 pound of pot and hash) that she can hardly be called one of the group.


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