Lindsay Lohan Strikes Last Minute Plea Deal – Will Spend 90 Days in LOCKED Rehab

lindsay lohan court 3-18

Lindsay Lohan isn’t going to jail – but she’s getting locked up anyway!

After showing up 48 minutes late for court,  Blohan and NY attorney Mark Heller spent time in the judges chambers and stuck a deal with LA prosecutors. After initially refusing to accept ANY type of of plea deal,s he had a change of heart at the last minute and decided to plea NO CONTEST to all charges.

So what does this mean?

LiLo will spend no less than 90 days in a LOCKED rehab facility- meaning even if she wanted to, she could NOT leave rehab – along with 18 months of mandated pyshotherapy, 5 days in jail, fine of $150 (plus penalty assessments), $240 restitution fine, $30 criminal assessment fee, 30 days of community labor (may be done in New York or California), and there will be a separate hearing for restitution to the victim.

She’s getting 180 days of jail but that is stayed – unless she violates her community service again.

And the judge clarified locked: no day passes, no leaving, until she is finished with it!

Also, we can expect another mug shot – because she’s going to booked and released once again, this time with the Santa Monica PD.

Finally, Lindsay doesn’t have to go back to court for compliance dates – unless she doesn’t comply.  Knowing Lindsay and her track record…well…

The Judges final words of advice to Lohan: “Don’t drive. ”  And if she fucks up on serving? They’re just going to sentence her – no second chances.

Lindsay looked pissed the entire time – especially when, after the judge was done sentencing her, attorney Mark Heller kept asking the judge questions to clarify what certain terms of the deal meant.  Lindsay rolled her eyes and stage-whispered to Heller, “Stop talking. Oh my God I’m going to kill you!

I guess we’ll have to once again stay tuned to see if Blohan stays on the straight and narrow this time.


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