Lil Wayne Fighting For His Life

Lil WayneAfter months of trips in and out of the hospital, which started in late October when he suffered a seizure while on his plane from Texas to L.A., Lil’ Wayne is back in the hospital and this stay is much more serious than before.

Lil Wayne was taken to Cedars Sinai last Tuesday night after he had yet another seizure. He was released on Wednesday, but came back on Thursday after his bodyguard found him unconscious in his room. TMZ reported that sources are saying that hospital staff had to pump Wayne’s stomach three times when he came back to the hospital and that there was evidence he went on a Sizzurp binge after he got out of the hospital on Wednesday.  Apparently the dosage of codeine in his system was ridiculous.

Wayne’s mother was on her way to the hospital last night after the doctors told her that they have been unable to stabilize Wayne who apparently had to be strapped down because he was having constant seizures, which caused his body to shake uncontrollably. Doctors have put Wayne in an induced coma and he is apparently surrounded by a ton of family and friends. Last night Drake was seen coming out of the hospital by the army of paparazzi that have posted up outside of the hospital.

The reports vary as to his present condition. Some say he’s already been read his last rights and some say he’s slowly improving but is not yet out of hte woods.

Lil’ Wayne’s people’s are clearly trying to pretend that things aren’t as bad as it seems because someone, who was not Wayne, tweeted last night that he was doing better. According to TMZ, Wayne was in the coma at the time of the tweet.

tweet 1

Wayne’s friends are trying to pretend everything is ok too.

tweet 2

So in conclusion, either TMZ got it all wrong or there’s a big cover-up going on here.


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