Remember When Demi and Ashton’s Was Supposed to be Amicable?

Ashton and Demi

Ashton Kutcher only found the courage to file the divorce docs to make his bachelorhood official right before this past Christmas. Although Ashton and Demi have been separated for over a year, the two were playing chicken as to who would actually file the Complaint first. Although just a guess, I suspect Mila Kunis (Ashton’s new lady) had a few words of encouragement for Ashton when he was in line at the Clerk’s Office to file the divorce docs.

Even though we had been hearing all along that Demi and Ashton are on good terms and are friendly with one another = quick and clean-ish divorce, turns out that Demi is secretly a woman scorned (read: PISSED) and she’s expressing her disapproval with Ashton’s abandonment of their vows in her response to his divorce Complaint.

It’s being reported that Demi has not only asked that Ashton pay her attorney’s fees, but she also wants him to pay her spousal support.

According to the all-mighty Internet, Demi Moore is reportedly worth $150M. Ashton is reportedly only worth a measily $140M. It’s unusual for a Judge to order the person who makes and has less to pay the other spousal support so Demi’s request is a long shot but it definitely hit the mark of slapping him across the face.


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