Britney Definitely has New Boyfriend

Britney Spears

Over Valentine’s Day, Britney was spotted having dinner with and then playing golf with a guy named David Lucado. Earlier today she was seen at the Thousand Oaks mall, holding hands with the same guy. Two sightings in two separate months = relationship!

David is not famous, he’s not rich, and he doesn’t live in L.A. He’s just a regular dude who was born and raised in Atlanta and is presently working for a law firm in Cali, but he’s not a lawyer.

He sounds like precisely what Britney  needs to bring him back to Planet Earth. Or, in the alternative, this could backfire and she could create a monster in David, who will probably have a really great time going from rags to riches.

Either way, Brit Brit has moved on from her fiance, Jason Trawick and she did so FAST! The couple’s breakup only happened mid January and a month later she was wining and dining with her new stud.


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