What in the Photoshop Hell?

sjp harpers bazaar china

It’s no secret magazines Photoshop their pics to flatter the cover models (read: wrinkles don’t exist and neither does flab – ever).  However, sometimes magazines just go completely over the top with it, and when you have more Photochopping than actual person in the pic, it looks…well, it looks like this.

Sarah Jessica Parker ”graces” the cover of Harper’s Bazaar China this month and hot damn, is it frightening!  On the plus side:  I’m not picturing SJP with a bit in her mouth (though I am imaging running a brush through that mane…)   And that’s about it for the positives.

I’m half-expecting her eyes to shoot lasers down at unsuspecting victims in Tokyo while also wondering just how they hell the Photochop ‘artists’ managed to remove any human-like feel from her face.  That’s not just Botox, folks. That is some blur tool to the infinitieth power!  The over all effect makes her look like a scary-yet-cheaply-made sci-fi movie monster villain.



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