How Did Seth MacFarlane Fair in the Ratings?

Seth MacFarlane

The Oscar ratings are in and on paper, Seth MacFarlane did pretty pretty well on Sunday night. The personal opinions, however, are slightly less positive. We’ll save that conversation for later though.

In total, 40.3 M people tuned in on Sunday to watch Argo take that shit! The percentage of people in the 18-49 demo was higher than usual, which is high-five worthy in the eyes of the network.

There was a 34% increase in men under 35-years-old and 20% increase in adults under 35.

There was also 3% increase in overall viewership from the last year and was considered the second-most-watched Oscars in the last seven years.

The Internet has been abuzz about MacFarlane’s hosting abilities, which is great in my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters in this article… in my opinion; however there are quite a few that do not share my feelings and are hoping that there won’t be a repeat performance next year.

Although it’s too early to definitely say, Seth is apparently ready to throw in the towel after just one attempt. He posted this to twitter earlier.



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