Marilyn Manson Collapses On Stage in Canada

Rock im Park Music Festival 2012 - Day 3


This flu season is not fucking around, people.  When Marilyn Manson’s terrifying face can’t even frighten the virus off, you know it’s some bad shit.

Last night, Marilyn (given name: Brian Hugh Warner) was performing his hit song “Beautiful People” in Saskatoon, Canada when all of a sudden he ceased singing and began barfing.  Then he collapsed.

The sad thing is the rest of the band didn’t know when the Marilyn’s vocals stopped making sweet music and instead made the sounds of retching, so they continued on for a bit.   When someone finally realized something was wrong with Marilyn, they finally rushed over to him and called EMTs on stage.

Marilyn told TMZ today that his antics last evening weren’t due to anything cool like drugs or alcohol but was just caused by  a bout with the flu virus.

Sources close to the rocker tell TMZ … Manson had been feeling like crap all day long (from various flu symptoms) … but didn’t wanna call off his concert in Canada.

Problem is, when MM hit the stage, he started feeling worse — vomiting on stage several times before collapsing in the middle of his hit “Beautiful People.”

Sources say Manson was NOT taken to the hospital — instead, he went back to his hotel room and got some rest. We’re told he still feels “drained” — but he’s focusing on recovery and is determined to perform tomorrow night in Calgary.


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