Former “Storage Wars” Actor Commits Suicide

Mark Beleo

Mark Beleo, who was known as the big shot money man who would walk around with wads of money and who was more frustrating to the other bidders than Dave Hester and his “Yuuuupppp!”, was found dead in his car yesterday.

Beleo was arrested on Saturday for possession of amphetamines and he was apparently so distraught about his f-up that he told his fiance that he was considering hurting himself.

Beleo’s fiance had stayed with him after he was released from jail on Saturday and most of Sunday, but went home for the night after believing that Beleo was doing better and was less upset about the arrest. Beleo then jumped into his car, turned on the engine, and reportedly died from carbon monoxide poison.

One of Beleo’s employees found him in the office garage, on Monday morning.



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