Canadian Anchorwoman Lisa Dutton Accidentally Demonstrates Her BJ Skills

Happy Valentine’s Day, ya’ll.

On today, this day for lovers to enjoy each other (read: go at least one day without an argument and guaranteed to get laid) and singles to bitterly shake their fist at their couple friends are miserable 364 days of the year, I thought I’d start things off with something a bit sexy.

Canadian anchorwoman Lisa Dutton usually gives her Global Saskatoon viewing audience the news, but yesterday morning, she gave them a special treat. While attempting to create entertaining banter with her co-anchor, she detailed how her infant son likes to brush his teeth with a vibrating toothbrush.  As she related the story, she gave a visual demonstration of how her son would really get into his brushing ritual.

The result? An hilarious on-air beej demonstration.

Between her ‘hitting the spot’ – including the moans – and the look on her co-anchor’s face, this is better than chocolate.


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