Another Celeb Couple Call it Quits

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane

Actors Josh Brolin will soon call his beautiful wife, Diane Lane, his ex-wife  because the two have announced that they are divorcing. The couple married in 2004. Brolin and Diane are each other’s second marriage. Both have children from their first marriages, but never had children with one another.

Kudos to Josh and Diane for making it past half a decade because it was looking pretty shaky in the beginning of their marriage after Josh was arrested for spousal battery on December 20, 2004. Diane ultimately declined to press charges against her new hubby and tried to spin the whole altercation as “a misunderstanding.”

Thankfully forth Josh and Diane, they both will have plenty of things to occupy their time while their attorneys are battling it out over the details of their separation. Josh is starring in “Gangster Squad” in 2013 and is working on four other movies this year as well.

Diane will have her hands full promoting “Man of Steel.”


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