Andy Cohen’s Theory on Chris Brown Not Standing for Frank Ocean is Awesome

Since Chris Brown is a sore loser with anger issues, it surprised no one ever last night when he refused to stand up for bitter rival Frank Ocean after Ocean bested him for Best Urban Contemporary Album.  Whoever was responsible for seating at the Grammys must think just like us because they sat Brown and Ocean next to each other, which allowed this gif to circle the internet of Brown being a complete douche after he lost:

frank ocean gif

(Side note: Rihanna, WHY? WHY? You are so much better than this mongoloid, girl.  Also, let’s all bow at Queen Adele’s  glorious side-eye.  That’s some top-notch shit.)

Anyhoo, Andy Cohen, who is one of my favorite things on TV, had this interesting theory about why Chris the Fist was Watch What Happens Live’s Jackhole of the Day (should be year – nay, decade).  And it makes me love Andy even more – something I didn’t even think was possible.

Check it out.


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