James Brown Biopic Moving Forward

James Brown

Producer Brian Grazer (8 Mile, Apollo 13, Tower Heist, Cowboys and Aliens, etc.) and Mick Jagger are going to co-produce the story of legendary musician, James Brown. Brown was alive when Brian tried to get the project off the ground initially, but he was apprehensive to green-light a project that would look so in depth into his successes and downfalls, specifically his drug use.

Brown’s daughter, Deanna Brown-Thomas (who is one of seven kids), told the Rolling Stone,

Daddy was hardly looking for anybody to do his life story. He was flattered, but it wasn’t like he was super-excited about it. He wanted to make sure that these things that came out that weren’t so great wouldn’t look so bad.

Brown died on Christmas day in 2006 from congestive heard failure and now that – 6 years later – the lawsuits surrounding his estate have been resolved, Grazer and his new partner, Mick Jagger, can get down to business.

The pair are buttoning up the script submitted by Jez and John-Henry Butterworth and will start to cast soon.

Grazer is known for his music biopics. He also produced Katy Perry’s documentary and is also working on the Jay-Z: Made in America documentary.


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