Lindsay Lohan Could Get Up to 8 Months in Jail

"Liz & Dick" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Christmas-time is shaping up to be anything but merry for Lindsay Lohan. Blohan, who is currently blowing a trail behind Max from The Wanted all over the US, is in a heap of trouble, from owing Uncle Sam a shitload of money to facing jail time for violating her probation.

However, she may become one of LA’s most Wanted starting tomorrow (See what I did there…? Lame, I know.)  Sources are telling TMZ that when Blohan is arraigned tomorrow in Los Angeles for allegedly lying to cops over her June accident, Judge Stephanie Sautner is going to revoke her probation  in her jewelry theft case and set a hearing date to decide whether LiLo violated the terms of her probation.

And if Judge Sautner does indeed feel Lindsay violated it, Blohan faces up to a whopping 8 months in jail.

Damn girl. 

These same sources are claiming the Los Angeles City Attorney is ‘out for blood,’ and are going to request Blohan’s probation be revoked.  The Judge, who will make that determination, can still send LiLo’s ass to jail even if she’s found not guilty of the crime, because the bar for violating probation is much lower then having to found guilty. Basically, suspicion of being guilty is enough.

Wednesday should shape up to be an interesting day for LiLo, indeed.


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