Would You?

Yesterday was such a cluster for me.  I was hungover from my election night drinking (my liver is happy this election is finally over) and I was dealing with the after effects of being such a shitty driver.  Apparently, the boyfriend doesn’t find it amusing that I have  a tendency to sideswipe inanimate objects at slow speeds.  I don’t really either, but in my defense, I barely clear 5 feet tall and can’t see the hood of my SUV, so most of the time, I try to guess how far away I am from hitting something.  When you factor in how long I’ve been driving, and how few times I’ve hit things, I still say the percentage is stacked in my favor.  He doesn’t buy that argument, though.

Anyhoo, to ease back into the gossip posting, I give everyone this pic that 41-year-old David Arquette twatted out of himself yesterday.

David has been buffing up for his new post-apocalyptic movie, Orion and wanted to show off his new fit bod for his followers, writing “Thanks for helping me get in shape for my film Orion.

So here he is in a loincloth and a “Bring in the gimp” like costume.  The only thing missing is the ball gag.    

So the question is, would you hit it?


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