Stop the Presses: Don Lemon and Jonah Hill Got Into a Twitter Fight

CNN anchorman Don Lemon apparently ran into Jonah Hill in a New York City hotel yesterday.  Apparently,  the encounter wasn’t a good one for Don because though he shook Jonah’s pee-soaked hands, apparently that wasn’t good enough for him.  So, like most  celebs do when they get pissed off at someone, he took his anti-Jonah to Twitter to start a feud with the actor.  Jonah responded in kind, and thus began a War of Words.  In the meantime, Twitterverse gathered around them, fist-pumped and collectively chanted “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Seriously, I think real-time breaking news and celebrity Twitter feuds are the only reason people use the site.

Anyhoo, here’s what their hot mess of a debate looked like:

Honestly, this seems as if Don was pissy Jonah didn’t recognize him?  I mean, I really don’t get what Jonah did that was so wrong? Dude had to piss and actually took the time to say hi and shake his hand, even if he was a bit distracted?  And if I ran into Don Lemon on the street, I wouldn’t know who the hell he was, either.

Anyhoo, Don wasn’t happy to let it end there.  He took this all important breaking news to CNN this morning to have a bitch-session with Soledad O’Brien.  Even with Don giving his side of the story (and his inexplicably tossing in the fact a cabbie who wanted a pic with him delayed him from boarding a plane…) I’m still not getting it.

Team Jonah.

(source: ONTD)


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