Peaches Geldof is Already Spawning Again

Just six months after the birth of her first son, Astala, Peaches Geldof and new husband Thomas Cohen are announcing they’re planning on inflicting a second mixing of their genes upon the world.  Sir Bob Geldfof’s pride and joy shared the news with the very reputable Hello Magazine.  

Peaches and Thomas have even revealed their unborn child is a boy – and they’re planning on naming him Phaedra. 

PHAEDRA. Though your first inclination is that Phaedra is the name of a curse from Harry Potter, Peaches explains it means something completely different:

“It’s a name that comes from an ancient Greek play,” Peaches tells us. “But it also features in a song Tom and I both love called Some Velvet Morning by Lee Hazlewood. Finding out I was pregnant again so soon was quite a shock,” she confesses.

“Tom was so happy. He loves being a dad so much and is brilliant with Astala, who totally adores him, so he was over the moon. I, on the other hand, did have a momentary panic and go, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to have a one-year-old and a one-month-old! How will we cope?’ But Tom was so supportive and relaxed, it banished my doubts and I started imagining the two boys growing up together as the best of friends. It will be great for Astala to have Phaedra to play with.

Oh, dear. But then, with a mother named Peaches and an older sibling whose name is Astala,poor Phaedra never stood a chance.


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