Lindsay Lohan Thinks the Cops Have a Vendetta Against Her


Usually, I think Lindsay Lohan is a delusional brat that is completely out of touch with  reality.  (I still do, that hasn’t changed.) However, in this case she’s right – but not in the way she thinks.  Sources close to the youngest Blohan (let’s be real, that “source” probably signs his checks from TMZ with the letters M-i-c-h-a-e-l L-o-h-a-n) claim the actress is sure police are out to get her.  To which everyone in the world reading that says, “Yeah bitch, that’s what happens when you break the law.” But since LiLo hasn’t had a coherent thought since the first line of cocaine traveled up her nasal passage, she is once again playing the victim and thinks the world is out to get her.  Of course.

TMZ reports Blohan thinks the cops have a “vendetta to bring her down.”  Yesterday, Blohan was charged by LA police for lying about behind the wheel in a June car accident in which her Porsche rear-ended a tractor trailer.  Though LiLo said she wasn’t driving at the time of the accident – and still maintains that story – several eyewitness claim otherwise and have fingered Lohan as the driver of the car.

Linds is now terrified of what her probation judge will do in light of the new charges. Judge Stephanie Sautner has warned LiLo that if she breaks the law while under probation, she’s headed to the clink.   LiLo plans to beg for the mercy of the court.


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