LiLo Should Make Sure Her Fall Guy Knows How to Play the Role

When Lindsay Lohan puts out a job posting for a new assistant/PR whore/attorney or other paid people who will constantly have to tell non-truths for her, she should probably put “Willing to lie to police and/or under oath” as a desired skill.

Apparently, Blohan’s assistant Gavin failed to realize being a good liar is part of  the job description, because TMZ reports he is the one who fessed up to cops about LiLo being the driver during her June car crash involving an 18-wheeler:

Cops interviewed Lindsay’s assistant Gavin shortly after the crash — at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated — and according to law enforcement sources, he told police he was riding shotgun when the accident occurred … and Lindsay was driving.

As you know, Lindsay told cops she was a passenger in her Porsche, but authorities don’t believe her and she will be charged with the crime of lying to cops.

Gavin’s statement dovetails with the account of the truck driver Lindsay hit — he also claimed he saw Lindsay behind the wheel.

However, Gavin claims the police have it all backwards have ‘twisted’ his words, cause he never said Lindsay was driving:

Gavin’s saying cops confronted him, saying they already knew Lindsay was driving because of the seat belt marks on her left shoulder — indicating she was in the driver’s seat — and Gavin simply replied with a noncommittal “Okay.”

Sources close to Gavin tell us, Gavin believes cops ran with his answer as an affirmative response … and used it to convince the Santa Monica City Attorney to file a misdemeanor charge against Lindsay.

We’re told Gavin’s furious at cops for twisting his words, and now he doesn’t want to cooperate with the investigation.

This little bit of news could prove very bad for Linds.  Her probation judge Stephanie Sautner is most likely not going to be amused with this fuckery.  And of course, there’s poor Shawn Holley, who is probably the most  underrated defense attorney in Los Angeles.  How is she going to keep LiLo out of jail for this lie?  Anyway, get your calendars ready to mark down yet another Blohan court date, which is undoubtedly going to provide us post-holiday entertainment sometime after the new year.


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