Jessica Simpson is Reportedly Knocked Up Again



Remember how back in June, Jessica Simpson let everyone know she and fiance Eric Johnson were having sex again after the birth of their daughter Maxi-pad Maxwell?  Well, all that sexy time has reportedly put Chestica in the baby-way again.  That’s right.  US Weekly, along with Radar Online/National Enquirer are reporting Chesty is carrying another baby she’ll give a terrible name to:

Congratulations may be in order again for Jessica Simpson because a new report says she’s already expecting baby number 2!

The National Enquirer is exclusively reporting that Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson recently discovered that she is pregnant again.

Jess gave birth to their first child, daughterMaxwell Drew Johnson on May 1 and has been over the moon in love with her baby, but the Enquirer says she’s nervous about becoming a mother again.

“Jessica is only nine weeks into this pregnancy,” a source close to the Simpson family told the Enquirer.

“She’s trying to keep it a secret until she makes it safely through her first trimester.”

(Source: National Enquirer via RadarOnline)

While it’s not confirmed, I tend to think this is true since both US Weekly and National Enquirer are reporting the same exact details.   However, if Chesty is indeed knocked up again, what will happen to her contract with Weight Watchers? Was there a no-pregnancy clause?  If not, how the hell can they recoup all that money they paid Chestica for losing the baby weight with them?  I have to imagine the brass are going to be fucking pissed if their main, high-priced spokesperson can’t shill for them for another year…


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