In Case You Missed It: Rihanna Tweets Pic of Chris Brown Sleeping & Shirtless

With all the distractions over the long Thanksgiving weekend – you know, shoving turkey and stuffing down your gullet, knocking down bitch-ass shoppers to get that doorbuster deal on a DVD player or consuming copious amounts of JD and Coke to deal with your dysfunctional family that makes Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez look like the Cosbys.

So, without all the normal holiday stuff happening, it’s quite possible you missed the pic Rihanna twatted out a pic of Chris Brown passed out on a bed (may I note that the bed had some type of comforter featuring a scary hand with a mouth on it, kind of like the Hamburger Helper dude but more demented).

Anyway, just when RiRi and Chris the Fist collaborated on another song, this time telling the world their relationship is nobody’s business, one of them pulls shit like this and makes it everybody on Twitter’s business.  Because there’s nothing these two want more than to pretend their private then act like complete sphincter muscles in a very public forum.

Well, at least Chris the Fist deactivated his Twatter account and we have a reprieve from his bullshit – for now, at least.


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