Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Were “Danny” and “Sandy” for Halloween


If you ever imagined how a praying mantis with a horse face would look like would look like if it played the role of Sandy in the film Grease, look no further.  LeAnn Rimes took it upon horself (that is a typo and it stays) to answer that burning question for us all on Whore-o-ween.

LeAnn and husband Eddie Cibrian dressed up as Sandy and Danny Zuko from the popular musical last night as they greeted trick or treaters with candy at their home, dubbed the “Insane Asylum.” Considering LeAnn was just at a treatment center because people were being ‘mean’ to her online, I’m pretty the “Insane Asylum” gave her neighbors pause.

Apparently, it was Eddie’s year to have the kids, as well.  The boys  -whom Leann referred to as my boys on Twatter when posting this picture, surely pissing their mother, Brandi Glanville, off) – also dressed up for the occasion – one as Indiana Jones, and the other as a Navy Seal.


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