Tom Cruise Will Not Press Charges Against Neighbor

We told you the other day that Tom Cruise (more correctly, his Security Guard), had Cruise’s neighbor arrested after he was seen hopping the fence at the end of the property to gain access to the property. Before police were called, the Security Guard tased and secured the neighbor, who was apparently pretty wasted.

According to the neighbor and the police report, the neighbor, Jason Sullivan, who not only shares an adjacent boundary to Cruise’s land, but who is also an Australian interior designer and TV personality, was super drunk and was confused about what property he was on and what property he would be on after scaling the fence.

It’s a weird excuse that, if true, had to have been accompanied by a day and night of drinking, but it’s been believed by Tommy, who has decided not press charges. According to Tom’s attorney, “The guy was drunk. He didn’t have malicious intent.”

Sullivan should feel thankful he doesn’t have to stare down the barrel of a $50 million lawsuit because Tommy is on a role right now with the big lawsuits.


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