The Time Ramen Head and Ratvil’s Ex Got Into a Douchenozzle Fight

I find myself in a strange position of cheering for someone who at one point in time had their penis inside of Avril LaVigne’s gory hole.   However, the alternative is rooting for someone who is currently dipping their peen into Ravtil’s chocha on the regular now.

Over the weekend, Ravtil’s ex-husband, Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley – who rates an automatic Douchecon Level 4 based on the spelling of his name alone – pulled the cunt queen move of dressing up as Ratvil, while Deryck’s girlfriend Ari Cooper played the part of Ratvil’s fiance, Chad Kroeger, for Halloween.  Some people rolled their eyes and thought the move was immature for a grown man in his 30′s.  I whole heartedly disagreed for two reasons:

1.  This is some serious glorious shade and we should all revere in the brilliance of it.

2. It’s Halloween, which is all about being scary and invoking fear and horror into people’s hearts.  What is more frightening than the thought of Ratvil and Ramen copulating, much less possibly conceiving a spawn with pink ramen noodle hair and a the face of a vampire rat?  Nothing, people.  Nothing!

However, Ramen was less than amused and threw some – I admit – snarky shade of his own at Deryck-with-a -”Y”:

chad kroeger deryck whibley avril lavigne

So in all fairness, it was an “OOH BURN!” for both Deryck with a ‘Y’ and Ramen Head, but really, we’re all burned, ’cause there’s a 100% chance all  parties involved in this Canadian pop artist showdown will continue to make shitty music and assault our innocent ear drums.

Ramen/Ratvil/Deryck-with-a-”Y”:  1

Innocent Public: 0

(via happypauloween and a shitty band’s Twatter)


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