The Hot Mess Awards: Cops Called on Dina & Lindsay Lohan

Updated at 4:36pm ET

Shockingly, I was right.  Drugs were involved.  Here is the audio of a phone call between Michael and Lindsay while Lilo was in the car with her mom.

This is what happens when a Lohan only has enough coke for a single nostril and no one is in a ‘Sharing is caring” mood.

TMZ is reporting Mother-of -the-Year contender Dina Lohan and daughter Lindsay got into a massive catfight with each other after they were ….wait for it….out clubbing together all night.

Sources close to Lilo (her rep? Lindsay herself?) tell  TMZ  Dina was “wasted’ (you don’t say!) when the mother/daughter fisticuffs took place.  The two had departed from a New York City nightclub at about 4am and were in the process of taking a limo home (NYC pedestrians are thankful Lindsay wasn’t driving).  According to the ‘sources,’ Lilo wanted to head to her NYC condo, but Dina insisted the limo take them to her Long Island home, instead.

And this is where things take a turn for the Blohan. The two got into an argument over drugs whose house they should go to out where they should go when things got violent.  Apparently, Blohan Sr. won because they ended up at Dina’s Long Island house and Lindsay had a cut on her leg.

Things during the fight got so bad, however, that 911 was called and police arrived at the scene.  No one was arrested (really, I must learn their secret – you never know when you may need a get out of jail free card!), however police did file a Domestic Incident report.

Honestly, I don’t even know who the bigger mess is in this situation.  Lindsay is obviously a wreck of epic proportions, but Dina is her mother for crying out loud!  What kind of mother gets into a fight with her daughter over a line of coke whose house they ended up at after a night of Jager shots and 8-balls?

Unless she called her mom a ‘bitch.’  Then she’s on her own.  I still got scars from the one and only time I dared called my mama a ‘bitch.’ Under my breath.  Behind a closed door.  From like 10 feet away.  Mom’s have like sonar radar or some shit for that word – and if they hear it, it’s not pretty for anyone involved.

Now pop a Valtrex cause here’s the teaser trailer 0f Blohan and James Deen putting the  ”ass” in “masterpiece” for The Canyons.   I’m not sure if the intention was to create the ‘vibe’ of a B-movie on Mystery Science Theater 3000, but it’s the result.  Oh, how I wish we still had Mike and the ‘bots to give their opinions on this shit.


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