Slut-O-Ween is Right Around the Corner…

Ah, Slutoween.  Are you here again already? It would seem so.  Temperatures are cooler,  the sun is setting earlier and there’s that autum smell in the air…

and with the arrival of October, so comes the tacky ass Halloween costumes, and this year, it seems Kim Kartrashian will be striving hard to put the “whore” in “horror.”  Over the weekend, Kimmy-cakes twatted out a photo in which she posed  ”sexily”  in front of a mirror (her favorite hobby).

In the pic, Kim wore a leopard print catsuit with a revealing mesh cutout that ventured down to the top of her pubes.  ”Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping,” she captioned the photo.

Personally, I find this costume to be more fitting for Kim…And I’d also like to know where she got that Kris Jenner mask she’s wearing. Cause damn, that Botoxed face is frightening.


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