Of Course Lindsay Lohan Live Tweeted the Debate

Guys, we can all rest easy now.  Lindsay Lohan stress levels are normalizing back to their usual cocaine and vodka levels now that the debates are over!

LiLo was all over Twatter last night making the Presidential debates and choices affecting our country all about her. During the 90 minute exchange between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the actress shared with Twitter followers her “thoughts” (and I use that term as loosely as possible) on the showdown.  Next presidential debate, I may forego the official Debate Drinking Game and instead engaged in a LiLo Twatter Drinking Game, because reading her tweets has me yearning for a frosty adult beverage.

Though just last week, LiLo endorsed Mitt for President (he was over the moon, I’m sure), her election choice now seems to be up in the air and it was  all up to last night’s debate performance to help her decide which candidate would receive her oh-so-important vote.

On informing everyone of her excitement to play her own Presidential Debate Drinking Game (R.I.P. her liver – and mine, if I’m being perfectly honest):

Then, she felt the need to reach out to extreme liberal Bill Maher for his honest to “G-D” opinion – though perhaps she edited the word God since Bill is an outspoken atheist? Or maybe she was just drunk? Who knows.

Then, cause no one is paying attention to her and she needed to seem even more desperate and delusional, she twatted this in response to a tweet made by Sarah Silverman. Like every movie Blohan’s starred in since Mean Girls, there was no added value.

Lindsay then took Vanity Fair to task for one of their humorous tweets, saying this is SERIOUS BUSINESS and for intellectuals such as herself:

And finally, Blohan is just so glad the debates are over, because she just can’t take the stress you guys!  Don’t you know watching two guys spar over the best way to lead the free world is so SOOOO  much harder than actually running for president?! Her sensitive nerves can’t take it!

(Lindsay’s Twat via HuffPo)


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