Lady Gaga Planning on Launching Water Line

Rumor has it that Lady Gaga will be launching her own drinking water very soon.  The New York Daily News says Gaga and her team are ramping up to get promotion and marketing going:

Just weeks after photos surfaced of Lady Gaga looking thick around the middle, Confidential has learned the pop superstar is on the verge of launching a “healthy drinking water brand” that will be floated out through a multimillion-dollar globaladvertising campaign.

“Gaga has been at the center of a lot of attention over her weight increase,” a spy tells us. “Losing her weight in such a short time and launching a healthy water drink may be part of a plan.”

According to Hollywood correspondent James Desborough, designers at the Haus of Gaga creative team are putting the finishing touches on Gaga’s bottled water marketing campaign. The shape of the bottle remains a closely guarded secret among a small team of executives, under Gaga’s orders.

“Everyone at Gaga HQ is keeping very tight-lipped. There are plans being prepared for marketing strategies,” says our snitch.

This news comes a month after Gaga launched her “Fame” perfume with a party at the Guggenheim Museum, where she cocooned inside a giant version of the bottle. It had finger holes, which allowed fans to reach in and touch her.

“We know that the water drink is due out in the near future,” says our insider. “No one has seen prototypes of the bottle.”

A) obligatory bottled water is as “healthy” as tap water comment

B) please enlightenment as to what a “healthy” drinking water even is, because I’ve never heard of anyone getting fat or having issues from unhealthy water

C) so was her weight gain all a ruse to get us focused on her so we could see how the water magically transformed her body?  Hrmm…

D) why the hell do we need a Lady Gaga drinking water? Seriously?!





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