Happy Monday! Here’s Kris Jenner’s Nipple

There are some times when  I write about celebrity gossip that I’m ashamed of it.  Oh, not because I think I’m above it or anything like that.  No, everyone pretty much knows my idea of ‘high art’ often includes lie detector tests and ‘not the father’ dancing.

It’s just days like this – days when I’m sitting in a hotel lobby writing posts and I stumble an image that has my fingers shamefully scrambling for the “X” button to close out my screen as I quickly glance around to see if anyone saw what was on my web browser.  You know, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m purposefully searching for something like this.

What is this, you ask?

Well, to lift a phrase from one of my favorite movies – gird your loins, people.  The nearly unspeakable horror which will send you clicking the link you know you shouldn’t but your morbid curiosity is just too much to control is Kris Jenner’s nipple.

I know.  There is not enough ewwww in the world to accurately describe our reactions to that.

Because Kris Jenner is the famewhore to end all famewhores, she twatted out a photo over the weekend where she sullied my childhood memories’ of Wonder Woman by donning the costume as she prepares for Halloween.  During her pose, one of her fake titties decided to make a run for it and oopsie! Out popped a nipple, which will become perhaps the most frightening thing you’ll see this Halloween season.

So here’s the NSFW – possibly not safe for life – nip slip:


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