Guys, LiLo Doesn’t Understand Why Everyone’s Panicking Over Hurricane “Sally”!

Lindsay Lohan, LiLo, Blohan

Well, thank God Lindsay Lohan has finally given everybody her thoughts on Hurricane Sandy during this very stressful time!

Excuse me, Blohan is calling her “Sally.”

LiLo twatted out her “thoughts” (and I use that term as loosely as Kim Kardsashian’s lips get when she spots a black penis) regarding the epic superstorm that’s bearing down on the mid-Atlantic and northeast right now.  On a normal day, Blohan’s Twitter account is a living billboard for D.A.R.E.  However, when LiLo decides to chime in current events, her real nuggets of wisdom have the rest of the world scratching their balls heads for days:

Thanks for the words of advice, Lindsay.  Whatever would we do without you?  Pray for peace?  You’re right.  I think President Obama should call for an emergency summit, invite Sandy Sally and calmly discuss options with her.  Maybe they could agree upon a peace treaty and she will turn out to sea without any further damage.  Why didn’t anybody think of that before.

Oh, I guess we were just too busy projecting negativity.



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