This is What It Would’ve Been Like if Elton Played Jack Dawson

In honor of the Titanic Blu-Ray DVD release today, James Cameron and Yahoo! Movies gave the world a little extra something with never-before-seen footage of  Kate Winslet’s screen test for her role as Rose.

But the real treat here is seeing Elton from Clueless/Billy from Six Feet Under/Elton Jesus  (real life name: Jeremy Sisto) read with her as Jack.  I mean, it’s Elton! And he’s playing Jack! Jack with a deep voice, and all tall and manly stuff.  It’s a far cry – and frankly, kind of weird – seeing a grown up Jack instead of the boyish good looks and fresh-faced charm Leonardo DiCaprio had (RIP Leo’s boyish good looks and fresh-faced charm).

Turns out Jeremy wasn’t auditioning for the role of Jack, he was only helping out James Cameron as they screen tested actresses for Rose.  By the way, the two other actresses that were rumored to have tested?  Michelle Monaghan and Claire Forlani.  The more you know



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