Simon Cowell Wants Khloe Kardashian to Host X Factor


It looks as if Khloe Kartrashian is bringing her annoying baby-whisper voice to primetime televisoin.  According to TMZ, Simon Cowell and his fabulous moobs have given Khloebacca the seal of approval and wants her to be the next host of The X Factor.

Simon has made his case to FUX, saying Khloebacca will be a huge draw for the show, and she has a ‘connection’ with Britney Spears.  Demi Lovato is also close friends with Kimmy-cakes, so that helps, as well. Ol ‘ Bitch Titties Cowell thinks the trio’s dynamic will play perfectly in front of an audience.

Now, FUX just needs to decide what it will., and that decision is expected within a week.  A source says it’s “highly likely” FUX is going to give Khloebacca the green light.

Since I actually find Khloe to be one of the more tolerable Kartrashians, I kind of hope this does goes through.  I have zero plans to watch this show, so I don’t care on that front.  I  just want it to piss Kim off since she gets irked if any of the other Kartrashians experience individual success.


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