Oh, It Was “Asthma”

“Asthma” and “walking pneumonia” are now apparently code words for “drunk/high” and “chronic cigarette smoker,”  at least according to Lindsay Lohan’s publicist.

Blohan’s PR whore AKA the hardest working spin trick in the biz barfed out a bevy of bullshit excuses on why LiLo ended up in a NYC hospital on Sunday night.

TMZ is reporting Blohan was rushed to the ER because the stress from last week’s hit-and-run accusation caused her so much emotional upheaval, she “exacerbated” her current bout with walking pneumonia.  PEOPLE, on the other hand, claims LiLo sought treatment for an asthma.

As TMZ insinuates, the stress thing sounds like complete bullshit.  If  we suspend belief and actually entertain the thought Blohan was at the hospital for “asthma,” it’s not stress bringing that shit on.  It’s the constant partying and the fact that she sucks down cigarettes like the way a Kartrashian does black dick.


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