Lindsay Lohan Weighs in on Amanda Bynes

Lindsay Lohan needs to learn how to shut her just shut her twat hole.  No, really – the girls’ twatting is absolutely ridiculous. The odds are that when presses that “Tweet” button, whatever “thought” – and I use that term loosely – she imparts to her followers will come off entitled, self-absorbed, and usually it’s an combination of both.

Like a moth to a flame, or a Kardashian to a black dick, Blohan just couldn’t stay away from commenting on Amanda Bynes.  Now granted, there’s a level of fuckery with Amanda here that we haven’t seen, well, since LiLo, but you’d think the pot would know not to point out the kettle is high.  However, because this is Blohan we’re talking about, you know the bitch had to do the opposite of what’s smart and classy.

After Amanda was pulled over and ticketed for driving with a suspended license yesterday, LiLo twatted out these pearls of wisdom:


Is this where we’re supposed to start feeling sorry for LiLo? ‘Cause no. First off, Amanda has a DUI, yes, and was driving with a suspended license and had a couple of tickets, but as of this point, she’s still waiting to go in front of a judge. Blohan, however, stole some jewels, was convicted of her DUI, violated her probation however many times now (too high to count), and a a whole bunch of other shit, but spent about 30 seconds in jail. Bitch, please with this assholier-than-thou spew.

And making this a Disney vs. Nickelodeon thing? I know you act like an entitled teenager, but you’re 26 years old (though you 45 – GD girl!) I mean, seriously.  This is lame as fuck.

Please, do the world a favor and shut up.  We don’t need to hear any more delusional bullshit from you.


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