Friday Freakiness: Grant Bowler Thinks Lindsay is Liz Taylor Reincarnated


There are two reason this is getting the “Friday Freakiness” title.  First, it’s Lindsay Lohan ,and when she still had a ‘promising’ career ahead of her all those years ago, she starredin the remake of Disney’s Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis (and it was actually good.) The second reason for the “Friday Freakiness” label is that Grant Bowler is obviously out of his freaking mind.  Honestly, I could have filed this under “Friday Fuckery.”  It would’ve been just as apt – perhaps even more so.

In a look behind the scenes for Lifetime’s much-hyped because it’s starring a train wreck biopic Liz & Dick, Cooter from True Blood (real name: Grant Bowler)  is discussing LiLo’s portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor opposite his take on Liz’s love, Richard Burton.  While talking about this hot mess of a made-for-television film, Cooter actually uttered the line ““She’s pretty much Elizabeth Taylor reincarnated.”

Yes, he was referring to Blohan.

Yes, he seemed sober.

No, he wasn’t joking.

I can’t with this.  Cooter, I know you’re trying to sell this film as SERIOUS BUSINESS because it benefits  you, but boy – you need to think before you speak!  How many people outside of Liz & Dick’s production actually think Blohan was the most logical casting choice for Elizabeth Taylor?  How many?


So, just shut your whore mouth, Cooter.  Just shut it! No one’s buying the bag of flaming poo you’re trying to sell.


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