Grab the colon cleanse and get ready to toss it in your eye sockets so you can give them a better visual than yet another story about the PRelationship of Kanye West and Kim Kartrashian.

Kanye’s already rapped about how proud he that Kim once played urinal pattycakes with her ex Ray J.  Now, sources (most likely named Kris Jenner) are telling TMZ that Kanye’s obsession started with Kimmy-tape a while ago.

And that Kanye would have that shit playing while he was having sex with other girls.

Yep.  According to TMZ, Kanye would turn Kim Kardashian Superstar (I swear every time I type that, I do with with Mary Katherine Gallagher’s voice in my head…) on to help get in him “in the mood.”

So there’s your daily does of Kimye PR bullshit.  I can’t wait until they break up, cause this shit isn’t even entertaining anymore.


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