Carrie Underwood Gives 12-Year-Old Boy First Kiss

I’m sure that some people will be all “blah blah blah cute” and break out the ‘awwws‘ of adorableness over this video.  But I’m not one of them.  Not that I don’t think this is impressive, ’cause I do – but not in a cute way.

Oh, no.  I’m hella impressed with 12-year-old Chase, who should immediately get a gold cane, a funky hat, and a finely tailored but bright colored suit and some blingy accessories, because this kid is a PLAYER in the making. I mean, damn.

Chase, who is a middle schooler in Kentucky, attended Carrie Underwood’s concert over the weekend.  The 12-year-old was in the front rows of the audience and was holding a sign that read “Will you be my first kiss?”  Because that’s what ballers-in-training do.  Carrie saw the sign and invited Chase on stage.  She agreed to be his first kiss and asked Chase how he “wanted to do this.” Chase, being the pimp he was born to be, replied “lip to lip.”

Bravo, Chase.  BRAVO.


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