Billie Joe Armstrong Has Entered Rehab

Damn, Billie Joe.  I didn’t think your onstage flip out at the iHeartRadio concert was anything more than you being (rightfully) pissed at your set being cut short for Rihanna and Usher.  I mean, who wouldn’t fume  over that? Granted, we wouldn’t be smashing guitars, but it was a shitty move by the show’s runners.

However, it appears Billie Joe Armstrong’s rage was attributed to more than just Green Day’s time being cut nearly in half at the event.  It appears Billie Joe has been overindulging in the good shit lately, and the 40-year-old musician has checked himself into rehab, the band’s rep confirms to TMZ.

He is being treated for substance abuse.

The rep also issued a formal apology for his behavior at the fest, saying “”Green day wants to apologize to those they offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.”  The rep also confirmed the band would have to postpone certain scheduled appearances, but there’s  no word on which dates are affected.



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