Apparently, Simulating a Beej Behind Home Plate is Frowned Upon

The Pittsburgh Pirates-Chicago Cubs baseball game was delayed several hours due to weather  on Wednesday night.  By the time the 9th inning had rolled around, most of the fans had emptied the stadium as it was well after midnight.  But not one man, who – in my mind – should become a Wrigley Field legend.

The unknown man is sitting directly behind home plate, giving the camera a direct lense full of some amazing blow job skills.  At one point, when he really goes in on an imaginary dick, the announcers (who seems to be in it), gives us the perfect commentary:”Lead pipe sinker, below the knees.  Ends up in the dirt.  Holds it.”

Let’s be honest, this guy was the most interesting thing during that game.

Behold the glory below.


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