Amanda Bynes Rides Again

Oh, Amanda Bynes, I see you still trying to snatch LiLo’s wig in your vie for 2012′s Hot Ass Mess award.

Just yesterday, TMZ had pics of you smokin’ a pipe and driving  ”aimlessly” around Los Angeles - all while your license was still suspended.  So obviously, you had to do something to one up that fuckery, right?

Once again, TMZ caught Amanda driving illegally.  And this time Amanda, who is no stranger to hitting shit with her car, got into yet another accident.  This time, it was a fender bender last night on Sunset Boulevard.

Where in the hell is anybody who cares about this girl?  Can they not slash her tires? Disconnect her battery? Hide her keys? DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT HER FROM GETTING BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A FUCKING AUTOMOBILE?  This shit isn’t funny anymore (not that it ever really was).  It’s sad and scary.  She’s going to end up hurting herself or someone else, and that would be a damn shame, especially when it’s she’s acting so recklessly so publicly.


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