Russell Brand and Ginger Spice Are Hooking Up

It appears that homelesss hobo Russell Brand has decided to spice up his life with a little bit of Ginger.  (I know.  Even I cringed when I wrote that cheesy sentence…)   Bad jokes aside, The Sun reports Brand is dipping his smelly swizzle stick into Geri Halliwell‘s  ginger spice hoo-ha on the  regular.

Brand and Ginger have apparently been glued together at the naughty bits since bumping into each other at the Olympics closing ceremony rehearsals.  It’s gotten so serious that Brand even hung out with Ginger’s six-year-daughter Bluebell Madonna (what in the actual fuck is that name?) this past weekend.

One close pal of Russell said: “Things are getting very serious between them — they’re a proper couple now. They had met several times in the past, but really got to know each other during the Olympics.

“People thought Russell was joking at the time, when he said he had a crush on Geri all over again, but it was true.

“They just clicked — they have so much in common.

I think Russell is about as attractive as a prolapsed anus to be honest.  However, Ginger Spice is awesome and an upgrade from Katy Perry.

Russell was dating Jordana Brewster’s younger sister Isabella for a while there, but when he met the amazing Ginger Spice, he had no choice but to kick her to the curb.  It’s a move I understand.


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