Rob Pattinson Refuses to Give Up the Dirt

Rob Pattinson appeared on Good Morning, America this morning to do another promotional interview for his upcoming film, Cosmopolis.

Before delving into RPattz’s movie, George Stephahowthehelleveryouspellhisname said he just had to address the “elephant in the room” and asked Rob about what was going on in his personal life.  Rob awkwardly dodged the question and answered that Cinnamon Toast Cereal only had 30 calories from fat (random).

Needless to say, his appearance on The Daily Show was much better – but I attribute that to The Daily Show being heads and shoulders above most other news broacasts on TV.

However, the GMA interview did have Rob imparting this awesomely subtle bit of shade at KStew:  “If you took away publicists and things and people spoke for themselves then they would have to be responsible for their words.”


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